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All Cars. All Fun.
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GPSR Time Line Update

I must say that the website is looking good.  We keep adding and changing the website, which does several things.  It helps our Google standings, keeps fresh content for our members to enjoy and is helping me expand my knowledge.    I would like to thank Tom Olsen for helping set up the new Cruisin 605 page.  He has spent several weeks adding and editing pictures for us to enjoy and I really appreciate his help.   Mark

Another Valentine’s Day in the books!  GPSR are a great bunch of people, we all enjoy each other’s company and it shows.  The planning committee did a great job with everything! Hats off to the those ladies!!


Once a year Clay hands out checks for a few positions in the club, I received one of those check, Thank you.  I enjoy working on the website and the check will be put to good use. 

We had a great time at the Paulson’s, Ice Breakers party.  I had a count of 80+ people at the event and quite a few of us took the nerd challenge and dressed the part for everyone’s entertainment.  As you can see by the pictures, there were a lot of good ideas.  For the ladies, Robin Miller’s Superman tribute took the main prize.  Sitting on the judges lap may not have been the extra point she needed, but was fair play.(see pictures).   Nancy Jellis and Lana Kullander took the ladies honorable mention. 

The men brought their nerd-i-ness to the garage as well.  I have to say that there were a few that got a little too much into it, I for one.  Tom Olsen was the big winner on this night with his truly well thought out tribute to nerds.  Hat, man purse, suspenders, hiked up pants and many other touches were great.  Bob Schmeichel and Mark Bowers (that’s me) took the men’s honorable mention.

I thought that Jules Haper would surely be there to bully the nerds, but he was a no show.  Maybe next year Jules.  

You have to love a group of friends that can get together and have as much fun as we do.  Mike and Lori, Thank you for a great time and great memories.   

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New Gallery

Creating a new local 605 Old Car Photo Gallery


GPSR needs your help!  Clay came up with the idea of posting some old photos and that got me to thinking.  What if we started a 605 Gallery,  A place for us 605ers to post all our old photos.  But wait, theres more, I would like to see some history with your pictures. Send the info to Mark.   



GPSR get together at the Paulson's

Welcome to the Great Plains Street Rodders


The Great Plains Street Rodders are an active social group of men and women who enjoy all kinds of cars, cruising, eating and having fun.


“All Cars. All Fun.” Club member cars represent all decades and vary from economical ramblers to full-blown drag racing hotrods. Each month a member’s car is featured in our newsletter, Cruisin' News, and in Motor Market Magazine with a story and hand-painted drawing.


Great Plains Street Rodders meet every Wednesday evening all year round. During summer cruise season, Great Plains Street Rodders are active participants and coordinators of many Siouxland Car Council charitable events. We also coordinate our own cruises, picnics, tours, and trips to local and national car shows. Our off-season cruise schedule allows us to be a winter social, supper club. Beyond our obvious love of cars and eating, the advantages of our large membership are the numerous diverse hobbies and interests we share and enjoy together all year round. Our group events are as diverse as our members and limited only by imagination. Members use the word “family” jokingly. We spend time enjoying a wide variety of interests making memories together, and through those events we build strong friendships.


To become a member, you must have or be building a car that is your dream car or one that is very dear to your heart. Many members also have multiple cars as projects and others for cruising and show. Ask a Great Plains Street Rodder about joining today.


Clay Seachris (President), President@GreatPlainsStreetRodders.comor

Bob Schmeichel (Vice-President), (605) 361-1932

When you hang out with Great Plains friends you've always got helpers.

We bring people of all ages together who share a common interest, to bond and create friendships, and memories that last a lifetime. Find out more about becoming a member of Great Plains Street Rodders. We meet regularly to discuss upcoming events, finalize plans, socialize and have fun. All car enthusiasts are welcome to join. Check the Event Schedule and Club Information to learn more.


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