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We are creating a collection of old photos for an archive of the 605 area with quick descriptions and back stories on most of them.  I will be looking for the club’s input and old photo stock.  I will need the photos in a .jpg format or similar, if you need help, just let me know and I will see what we can work out.     Send the info to Mark

Remember these days. Make comments in the forum at he bottom of the page. Click on the picture for more photos.

Sioux Falls, SD and The Barrell The Barrell

The first fast-food restaurant in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, to serve french fries
was the Barrell Drive Inn in 1939. The Barrell was the place to be in Sioux Falls.  Here are some photos and memories. It closed in the 1970’s.

Tom Olsen

There are not a lot of people in this great country of ours that have given more to our country, state, city and our cruse history than Tom. So as I started this project who else would I talk to about helping out with this project than Tom?  Read More…


Tom Olsen, today
Tom Olsen, 1966

Sioux Falls Area Hot Rod / Street Rod Clubs  (1950 thru 1965)


Chevrolet Racing Team – 1960 thru 1965 (Bill Kullander)

Chevettes (girl groupies of Chevrolet Racing Team) – 1960 thru 1963

Eliminators (Ron Hughes & Ron Roe) – 1959 thru 1963

Dominators – 1960 thru 1964

Ford Racing Team (Don Donaldson) – 1964 thru 1969

Road Knights -1961 thru 1964

Road Hawks  (Les Hawkey)- 1955 thru 1959

Rod Benders (Harry Torgelson) – 1950 thru 1954

Sioux Falls Igniters (Bob Schriever & Zel DePriest) -1954 thru 1964

Gear Jammers (Billy Gage) – 1955 thru 1958

Strokers (Larry Stokes) 1959 thru 1963

Kingsman (Gene Forsett) – 1958 thru 1961

Kustom Kars (Paul Jorgenson) – 1956 thru 1960

Pacers (Dick Gaddis & Gary Remme) – 1957 thru 1963

Ratios (Mike Homoe) 1959 thru 1964

Rebels (Dean Schultz) -1954 thru 1959


Toppers (Aberdeen, SD) (formed by S.F. Igniters)

Howard Turtles (Howard, SD) (formed by S.F. Igniters)

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