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Sioux Falls has long been a mecca for cool cars.  For it's population, back in the 1960's, many people agree that there was a much higher per-capita ratio of cool cars here than in many other comparable cities. This section will give you a glimpse of many of the hot rods that prowled the streets of Sioux Falls in the '60's and early '70's.  But here's a disclaimer: Tom Olsen is a Chevy guy, and these are his photos, so you will, perhaps, notice a higher-than-expected ratio of hot Chevrolets in here as opposed to other brands. Hopefully, even though most of these are Chevys, you'll still get a feel for the look of "cool cars" of the 1960's-'70's.

Bob Thoen owned the "Cotton Chev" gasser; a former race car that Bob converted to street use. Here's Bob and future wife Mary in 1966.
Cars are lining up for the "Wheels Parade", held in downtown Sioux Falls in 1964 and 1965. Keith Gunderson's Chevy II and Roger Steuck's 56 Chevy are the closest cars.(1965)
More cars lined up for the Wheels Parade in Downtown Sioux Falls. Sandy Miller's, Gordon Stewart's Corvettes and Tom Olsen's Chevy wagon are the first three in line.(1965)
Chuck Koppien's 68 Road Runner at Duke Tufty Dodge, So Minnesota Ave (now a tire store). This car is still in the Sioux Falls area. (1968).
Scott Barhite bought this 1967 Chevelle from original owner Jim Witkop in 1967. This had the 325hp, 327ci engine and 4 speed. Randy Williams did the checkerboard graphics which were popular at the time.
Tom and Joyce Olsen bought this 1964 Corvette Stingray roadster in Omaha sometime around 1973. It was a 327 4-speed and had both tops; price at the time-$2500!(1973)
Rex and Shawn Gulickson's brand new 67 Corvette at Falls Park. This was a 390hp/427ci big block, 4-speed car. "ET Mags" complete the look.(1967)
Mark Lovro operated Mark's 66 Station at 41 and Western Ave., and raced this beautiful Olds 442. Mark was very succesful as a racer and eventually went to work for GM. Photo from 1967.
Larry Lungren's 1965 Pontiac GTO was a serious performer! There were many performance modifications done to this car, and it ran as good as it looked. (1967)
Ron Roddel owned this sharp 57 Chevy wagon with the 270hp/283ci powerplant. It looks like he's ready to go racing.(1967)
Rex Gulickson bought this 66 SS396 Chevelle new, Dave Rettig owned it at this time in 1968. Photo taken at Mark Lovro's 66 Station, 41 and Western Ave.
Lee Brandhagen's 57 Chevy at Mark Lovro's 66 Station. This is looking straight south at 41st and Western in 1967; everything in the background is businesses now.
Ron Downs owned this nice 57 Chevy 2-door wagon; it was powered by the hot 270hp/283ci engine.(1967)
Having bought it from the original owners, Tim Knowlton owned this sharp 56 Chevy 2-door wagon when this photo was taken in 1969. Tom Olsen currently owns it.
Tim Knowlton also owned this beautiful 56 Chevy 210. Roger Steuck previously owned it; Tim later sold it to John Holland.
Jerry Jordan owned this 67 Chevelle 300 Deluxe in "Royal Plum" color. This was a really quick car with the 325hp/327 engine and 4-speed. Based on it's color, many people called this car "Moby Grape".
Denny Flynn bought this 57 Chevy Sedan Delivery in 1968 with plans to build a race car. Unfortunately, it was sold prior to compmletion.
Larry Lungren's wife, Bernie, owned this nice 67 Chevelle Malibu. In 1968, "the look" was to have a car with a very high stance; this one certainly qualified.
Ennis Lund bought this 68 Biscayne with the (L72) 427ci/425hp engine to go racing. He raced it in stock and super stock for the next few years. (1968)
Larry Jaspers and Alan Howard owned and raced this 56 Chevy wagon after Tom Olsen. This photo is at Mark Lovro's 66 station,41 and Western Ave in 1968.
This red Ford coupe was Rex Gulickson's first hot rod. It was powered by a 283 Chevy and kept Rex entertained in 1964, until he purchased a brand new 65 Chevy Impala.
This sharp 68 Chevy Nova was bought new by Larry Jaspers; it had the potent 325hp/327ci engine and a 4-speed. Steve Koppien, of Sioux Falls, owns and races it today!
Local drag racer, Bob Sherwood bought this Nova brand new for the purpose of going racing. Bob has had a string of competitive race cars for years, and is still active in the sport. (1968)

Jim Witkop owned this pretty 1968 Camaro.  Jim broke it in on the streets, then raced it for a couple years. Jim's cars were always nicely done. (1968)

Jim Witkop owned this pretty 1968 Camaro. Jim broke it in on the streets, then raced it for a couple years. Jim's cars were always nicely done. (1968)
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