1. All members must have or be building a car that is his/her dream car or one that is very dear to his/her heart. Plus he/she can have multiple cars to show.
  2. All members shall be of good standing and interested in Street Rod Activities to be eligible for membership, upon approval by the Club Membership.
  3. All members who attend club meetings and gatherings must pay dues in fairness to all other people who are paid members.
  4. A membership will be the paying members and their children under the age of 18.
  5. The current fee for membership application is $10.00 per person, and is valid for one year. Each paying member has one vote.
  6. Dues for the active members of the club are payable to the Club Treasurer at the first meeting following the annual election of officers. Annual membership amount to be reviewed and set annually by the Club Membership.
  7. Nominations for club officers will be made from the floor during the second meeting in December.
  8. Election of officers will be the first meeting in January. All voting will be by secret ballot or by the discretion of the President.
  9. Officers are limited to serving two consecutive one-year terms.
  10. Flowers or a memorial will be given ($50.00 maximum) for funerals of Club Members, their children and/or their parents only. Cards will be sent for all other caring and support reasons.
  11. Bylaws can only be changed when 30% of the current Great Plains Street Rodders membership is in attendance.
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