Back in 1970 Butch Yesda had this 1966 Chevelle with a 327 cubic inch motor rated at 300 horse power with a 4-speed and 4:56 gears. He use to scare the HELL out of Debbie back then!  Man, this was a fast car!

The above 1934 Ford John and Ron Roe purchased looking a lot like it does in the above picture. Ron later bought John's half and made some changes. They included newer heads a three two setup and slicks. It had a 50 Olds engine with a 39 Ford trans. The car was fairly fast with all the races on the interstate. A couple races Ron recall one was with Daryl Vanderploeg 1960 Chev picture with the Chevrolet Racing Team. The closes race was with Doug Hogstead's new 1962 Corvette it was a tie.

The above Oldsmobile is a 1955 98 Holiday. This picture was taken in 62 Ron Roe's senior year.


He later traded that Olds for the red and white 1956 Corvette in 63 and sold it to his friend Terry in 64 just before he got married to Karen. Terry still has the car although it hasn't run in over 45 years. He offered to buy it back for double what he paid for $1350.00 Ha Ha.



This picture was taken on Sunday afternoon January 22, 1967. I had just had John Holland weld up my equal length header pipes to flanges I bought at Teal's body shop the day before. The following weekend I had Bob Schriever weld up 4 bolt collectors on my headers and hook them to my exhaust so I could drive it. Read More 

The 1950 Mercury above was Ron Roe's first car purchased when he was fourteen. His friend John installed a 50 Olds engine and overhauled in auto mechanics class. The car was nosed and decked with frenched in 54 Chev tail lights. They had custom lends I made in plastics class. It was also his first experience doing body work. 

The 1963 Impala Ron Roe bought wrecked from Arndts salvage The price was 1365.00 dollars, same as the miles on the car. This was his first time changing a frame. He did this in his neighbors driveway on a sunny calm day with a temp of -20 degrees Oh to be young and ambitious!!!!!.


Ron later traded the 63 Impala to Howard Goering for the 63 Corvette (to the left) and a 65 Corvette parts car. The 63 Corvette had the front end burned off. This was in 1965  Got the car done in 66 in time to let sit for two years. Uncle Sam Thought he had a better use of my time.

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